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1 YOGA - Teaching Yoga and Creating Your Own Practice
A compilation of information to help Yogis of all levels

Cat. No. B-101

2 Changing the Dream - A Pilgrimage to Machu Picchu
A true story about two spiritual seekers

Cat. No. B-102

3 The Beauty Way - Ceremonial Shamanism
The Beauty Way is a way of approaching life

Cat. No. B-103

4 Mr. Possum
An original children's story

Cat. No. B-104

5 A Collection of Poetry and Thoughts
Written over a span of forty-one years

Cat. No. B-105

6 A Christmas Story
Illustrated Christmas Book for Children

Cat. No. B-106

8 Meditation Basics Booklet
This booklet will introduce tools to ease your daily challenges.

Cat. No. BKL - 202

9 The Energy Body and Chakra System Booklet
Our human energy system includes an incoming 'ray' of energy.

Cat. No. BKL - 203

10 I'm Sorry You Feel That Way - Emotional Healing Booklet
These words could be the most powerful words ever learned!

Cat. No. BKL - 204

11 The12 Laws of Karma
The laws of Karma (cause and affect)

Cat. No. BKL - 205

13 We are Made of Elements Booklet
All elements

Cat. No. BKL - 206

14 Energy Techniques Booklet
Shielding, grounding and clearing

Cat. No. BKL - 207

15 Beginning the Journey Booklet
Includes games and activities for learning opportunities

Cat. No. BKL - 208

16 Understanding Feng Shui Booklet
Feng Shui means 'wind and water'.

Cat. No. BKL - 209

17 US Constitution - A Simple Review and Commentary Booklet
Our Constitution is the legal compact

Cat. No. BKL - 210

18 The Triangle of Disempowerment Booklet
All things are possible and present before us,

Cat. No. BKL - 211

19 Tai Chi for Health Booklet
Tai Chi for health is based on the 24 Yang style movement.

Cat. No. BKL - 212

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