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Wedding Services
Wedding Services

Cat. No. WS-100

1 - Energy Massage and Therapy treatment
Wonder about that special someone?

Cat. No. S-101

2 - Chair Massage, includes energy clearing
Chair Massage, includes energy clearing

Cat. No. S-102

3 - Intuitive Consultations
Intuitive Consultations

Cat. No. S-103

4 - Reiki Hands-on Healing Session
Wondering what to name the baby?

Cat. No. S-104
Weight 2 lbs

5 - Distant Reiki Healing Session
Numerology Porfolio - approximately 30 pages. Please include your full name on birth certificate and date of birth.

Cat. No. S-105
Weight 8 lbs

6 - Biotuning Healing Session
Biotuning Healing Session

Cat. No. S-106
Weight 2 lbs

8 - Educational Classes
Various Classes that are offered throughout the year, or by special request.

Cat. No. S-108

15 - Feng Shui Reading
A 'reading' of your home includes clearing the energy or trapped spirits, suggested cures and recommended rearrangements for better energy flow.

Cat. No. S-115

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