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Healing Flutes

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  Healing Bamboo Flutes

Michael Anderson
Ordained Minister, Natural Health Facilitator

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The healing properties of Bamboo flutes come from the manifestation of a tone through the breath as it is played. This creates a resonance which can bring a sense of peace and calming. One does not necessarily need to know how to "play" the flute to receive the benefits of Healing. The benefits come from using the breath and the tones created.

Healing Flutes

Bamboo flutes need special care. It is a benefit to them if occasionally you oil the inside of the flute. Walnut oil prevents the flute from absorbing the moisture of playing too quickly which can cause it split. Flutes can also split if brought suddenly into the cold, or if the flute is cold when you play it. Binding the flute will also help guard against splitting.

The sound of the bamboo flute can lead the mind directly into spiritual thought. Hear the sound of the mountain lake or the autumn breeze through the bamboo. They are also used as Feng Shui cures in the home or business helping to improve the energy flow.


Traditional Shakuhachi Bamboo Flutes

The Shakuhachi is a specially designed flute usually made from bamboo. It is a testament to the elegance of traditional Japanese culture. Made from the root of the bamboo, its aesthetic is organic and simple. It has a different mouth piece giving it a unique sound and makes it often more difficult to play. This instrument produces a sound that is said to replicate the full range of natural life on earth. Using various fingerings and by controlling the angle of the mouthpiece against the lip, all twelve tones of the western chromatic scale can be produced. Traditional Japanese music played on this instrument reflects the many voices of nature.

Blonde Bamboo Handmade Flutes


All bamboo flutes produce a sound that is gentle and warm as the summer rain, and gusty as the autumn breeze and reflect the voices of nature. We make Bamboo flutes with both the Shakuhachi style mouthpiece and the easier closed end.

Red Bamboo Flutes, with Healing Symbols



Alterations in emboucheure (mouthing), intensity of blowing and cross fingerings allow the player to create a wide variety of subtle and incredible sounds on these lovely flutes. The timbre of the instrument is mellow in its low tones, although it is equally capable of producing loud, penetrating and breathy tones.

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