topleft  Michael and Laura Anderson


Orb Drums
Green Musical Instrument
Hand-made steel drums with a chime like meditative sound.
Made from recycled propane bottles. Durable, tuned, instrument quality!

These recycled steel drums resemble Tibetan singing bowls. They are hand-made and tuned to give multiple chimes. Mystical and mesmerizing tones are great for meditation or yoga.

Each drum is unique and hand made from recycled steel tanks. A cross between Jamaican steel drums and Tibetan singing bowls, anyone who picks one up can play melodic tones. They are great for those without formal musical training who want to make music. They also work well for kids especially in schools as they are indestructible and can help create self-esteem since no matter how they are played they make melodic music. Special orders, sizes and additional ornate look available, call or email with requests.


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