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Yoga and T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi and Yoga

What is T'ai Chi?

Tai Chi Ch’uan or “Supreme Ultimate Boxing” is a system of rounded, fluid, balanced movements practiced daily for health and peace of mind. When the movements and postures of Tai Chi have been mastered, they can be used to neutralize aggressive actions and to counterattack for defense.

Known primarily as a martial art, it is used in the West to improve health. Practicing Tai Chi is one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase your body potential. Tai Chi improves balance, flexibility and helps to reduce stress for overall good health improving our quality of life.

As your muscles learn to relax while in motion, they are gently massaged by the bones underneath and the surrounding tissue. Even the internal organs and nervous system are gently massaged and can release stress or tension. We think that only our muscles collect tension, but actually every cell in our body can.


Tai Chi's flowing, effortless motions cleanse rigidity and stress. Not only from muscles but also from the mind, heart and emotional systems. It is extremely helpful in regaining balance and strength.

What is Yoga?


Yoga is one of the gentlest and most effective ways of exercising. It offers a unique approach that combines both fitness and relaxation. As you practice the exercises and synchronize your breathing, your mind becomes entirely focused on your body’s movements. The result is a body that feels energized and a mind that is calm and relaxed. In short, yoga is a wonderful antidote to today’s hectic life.

Developed over 5,000 years ago, Hatha Yoga is a complete system of postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama), and deep relaxation (sarvasana). It was originally intended to prepare the body for long periods of meditation. Although still used as such today, in this country, Hatha Yoga is used primarily as a way to stay centered, fit, flexible and relaxed.

Anyone can practice Hatha Yoga. It is a practice that can be done at any age or physical condition. It requires very little special equipment or space. Because Hatha Yoga is not an extreme activity at the beginning level, results can be measured in such things as increased body awareness, increased flexibility and the ability to better deal with stress and tension. With practice, will come real physical changes, mastery of your breathing and the relaxation techniques that will give the ability to maintain a calm-mind in a chaotic world.

Tai Chi (CME) and Yoga Classes
With Laura Anderson

Classes now held at:

Better Health Market
1716 Santa Fe Dr, Weatherford TX 76086

Call 817-771-2566  or Email for more infomaion

9:30 am - Tai Chi
Tuesday & Thursday  
Payable by the class - $8.00
 10:45 am - Yoga
Tuesday & Thursday
 Payable by the class – $8.00
11:30 am - Easy Tai Chi
Tuesday & Thursday  
Payable by the class - $8.00


Our CME (Chi Movement Exercise) class is a combination of Tai Chi, and Yoga developed to help reclaim balance, flexibility, and strength. Easy to follow and effective for beginners and advanced, it helps regain and maintain health. Practiced both in chairs and standing, wear loose clothes and exercise shoes.

Our Yoga Classes includes slow moving, gentle body postures and stretching, breathing techniques for deep relaxation and the release of stress. Yoga is practiced on the floor. Bring a yoga mat and wear loose clothes. Be prepared to take off your shoes.
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